May 5th 2024

Over the Log Match
1st-Jim C.            9.658"
2nd-Ron D.       11.324
3rd-Wayne E.   22.485

April 21st 2024

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S. 181-1x
2nd-Ron D. 169-2
3rd-Jim C. 125-0

April 7th 2024

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.         6.962"
2nd-Jim C.        7.240
3rd-Mark V.   15.093

March 17th 2024

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      152-0x
2nd-Ruth P.   128-0
3rd-Jim C.       96-0

March 3rd 2024

Over the Log Match
1st-Ron D.        9.088"
2nd-Bryan S.  10.206
3rd-Al S.         16.903

February 18th 2024

Rifle Match
1st-Mike B.    201-2x
2nd-Ron D.    178-2
3rd-Mark V.    64-0

January 7th 2024

Over the Log Match
1st-Bryan S.     10.203"
2nd-Al S.          13.137
3rd-Mark V.    15.946

Ham Shoot December 17th 2023

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      175-1x
2nd-Sean G.   118-0
3rd-Mark V.    47-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bobby W.    200-1x
2nd-Ron D.       199-1
3rd-Bryan S.     169-1

December 3rd 2023

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.        9.491"
2nd-Mark V.  11.363

Turkey Shoot November 19th 2023

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       168-2x
2nd-Bryan S.   158-2
3rd-Mark V.      67-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S.    202-3x
2nd-Ron D.     141-2
3rd-Jim C.      101-0

October 22nd 2023

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.      209-0x
2nd-Mark V.  117-0
3rd-Sean G.     81-0

October 15th 2023

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.           142-1x
2nd-Monroe W.  105-0
3rd-Jim C.            75-0

October 1st 2023

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.        8.058"
2nd-Sean G.   10.075
3rd-Mark V.  10.779

September 17th 2023

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      171-2x
2nd-Bryan S.  153-0
3rd-Mark V.     67-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S.  167-2x
2nd-Ron D.   164-3
3rd-Jim C.    115-1

September 3rd 2023

Over the Log Match
1st-Bryan S.    7.445"
2nd-Al S.       17.564
3rd-Ron D.   18.598

July 16th 2023

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.        173-3x
2nd-Ruth P.     162-0
2nd-Kelton P.   67-0

June 18th 2023

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       167-2x
2nd-Bryan S.   154-1

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S,    191-1x
2nd-Ron D.     190-0
2nd-Al S.         111-1

May 21st 2023

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     170-0x
2nd-Jim C.    107-0
2nd-Sean G.  104-2

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.   190-2x
2nd-Jim C.  116-0

April 16th 2023

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.     190-1x
2nd-Jim C.    149-0
3rd-Mark V. 111-0

April 2nd 2023

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.        3.427"
2nd-Mark V.  11.966

March 5th 2023

Over the Log Match
1st-Ron D.       7.509"
2nd-John K.  11.460
3rd-Mark V.  23.322

February 19th 2023

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     155-2x
2nd-Mark V. 113-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       176-1x
2nd-Bryan S.   100-0 DNF
3rd-Mark V.     88-0

February 5th 2023

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.         4.182"
2nd-Jim C.      11.075
3rd-Mark V.   13.656

January 15th 2023

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     183-1x
2nd-John K.  108-0
3rd-Mark V.  100-0

Rifle Match
1st-Jim C.      155-0x
2nd-Ron D.    146-0
3rd-Mark V.  133-0

December 18th 2022

Ham Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.     209-1x
2nd-Jim C.    112-0
3rd-Mark V.  93-0

December 11th 2022

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.       3.885"
2nd-Jim C.      6.363"
3rd-Mark V. 12.128"

November 20th 2022

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      171-2x
2nd-Mark V.  131-0
3rd-Bryan S.  125-0

Turkey Shoot
1st-Ron D.      169-0x
2nd-Bryan S.  131-1
3rd-Al S.           80-0

October 23rd 2022

Benchrest Match

1st-Ron D.        217-0x
2nd-Bryan S.   210-0
3rd-Al S.          201-1

October 16th 2022

Chili Shoot

1st-Bryan S.    221-1x
2nd-Ron D.     168-0
3rd-Al S.         117-0

September 18th 2022

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.    161-3x
2nd-Ben M.   96-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       178-4x
2nd-Bryan S.  169-1
3rd-Ben M.     153-0

July 24th 2022

Benchrest Match

1st-Ron D.       224-1x
2nd-Roger K.  101-0
3rd-Mark V.    90-0

July 17th 2022

Rendezvous Targets Match
1st-Ron D.       12-/2 hits
2nd-Bryan S.   12
3rd-John K.      9-1/2

July 10th 2022

Over the Log Match
5 targets 2 shots per target
1st-Ron D.      13.448"
2nd-Jim C.     16.869
3rd-Mark V.  31.048

June 12th 2022

Table Shoot Match
1st-Bryan S.   4.442"
2nd-Ron D.    5.095"
3rd-Jim C.     6.15"

May 21st 2022

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.      223-2x
2nd-Sean G.   141-0
3rd-Mark V.  109-0

May 15th 2022

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       176-4x
2nd-Bryan S.  135-2
3rd-Mark V.   110-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S   192-0x
2nd-Ron D.   167-1
3rd-Sean G   140-1

April 17th 2022

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.             173-2x
2nd-Mark V.         105-0
3rd-Jonathan B.  68-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ruth A.             154-0x
2nd-Ron D.             123-1
3rd-Jonathan B.  111-0

March 20th 2022

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     170-0x
2nd-Sean G.  102-0
3rd-Mark V.  77-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       160-1x
2nd-Mark V.   121-1
3rd-Sean G.      61-0

February 20th 2022

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      172-0x
2nd-Jason K.  148-0
3rd-Colt K.     139-0

January 23rd 2022

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.      225-2x
2nd-Sean G.   134-0
3rd-Mark V.  123-0

November 21st 2021 Turkey Shoot

Pistol Match
1st-Mike B.     150-2x
2nd-Sean G.    127-0
3rd-Mark V.   108-0

Rifle Match
1st-Mike B.     134-3x
2nd-Jim C.     126-1
3rd-Ryan S.    114-0

October 24th 2021

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.       220-3x
2nd-Mark V.   131-1
3rd-Roger K.   113-0

October 17th 2021

Pistol Match
1st-Bryan S.   143-2x
2nd-Al S.        139-1
3rd-Mark V.  123-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S.        158-1x
2nd-Monroe W.  124-0
3rd-Jim C.           122-0

October 10th 2021

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.         4.43"
2nd-Mark V.  10.229"
3rd-Hank B.   10.272"

September 19th 2021

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      168-0x
2nd-Bryan S.  158-1
3rd- Al S.        124-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S.    193-0x
2nd-Ron D.     178-0
3rd-Ruth A.    156-0

September 12th 2021

Over the Log Match
5 targets 2 shots per target
1st-Ron D.     7.511"
2nd-Jim C.    8.033
3rd-Al S.      10.964

August 15th 2021

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       168-1x
2nd-Roger K.  163-1

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.        196-4x
2nd-Jim C.       144-0
3rd-Roger K.   138-1

June 20th 2021

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       165-1x
2nd-Bryan S.  157-2
3rd-Roger K.  155-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S  184-2x
2nd-Ron D.  170-1
3rd-Jim C.   126-0

June 10th-13th 2021 Oklahoma State Championship Scores here for info

May 23rd 2021

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.      223-1x
2nd-Mike B.   216-1
3rd-Hank B.    102-0

May 9th 2021

Over the Log Match
5 targets 2 shots per target
1st-Ron D.        7.729"
2nd-Hank B.   18.547
3rd-Mark V.   25.81

April 18th 2021

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        185-3x
2nd-Roger K.   174-1
3rd-Mark V.     163-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       155-0x
2nd-Bryan S.  141-1
3rd-Roger K..   92-0

April 11th 2021

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.     2.626"
2nd-Al S.       8.373"
3rd- Jim C   10.999"

March 21st 2021

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       168-2x
2nd-Roger K.  156-0
3rd-Sean G.      61-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       157-1x
2nd-Roger K.  121-0
3rd-Mark V.   104-0

January 24th 2021

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.        233-4x
2nd-Bryan S.    225-2
3rd-John K.     165-1

January 17th 2021

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        169-1x
2nd-Bryan S.   154-1
3rd-Mark V.     50-0

Rifle Match
1st-Jim C.       143-0x
2nd-Ron D.     131-0
3rd-Bryan S.  130-0

January 10th 2021

Over the Log Match
10 targets 1 shot per target
1st-Ron D.          12.105"
2nd-Mark V.      20.608
3rd-Richard Y.  24.113

December 20th 2020

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      179-3x
2nd-Mike B.   150-0
3rd-Bryan S.   145-1

Ham Shoot Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       201-0x
2nd-Bryan S.   182-1
3rd-Al S.          165-1

November 22nd 2020

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.      224-2x
2nd-Sean G.   154-0
3rd-Mark V.  150-0

November 15th 2020
Turkey Shoot
Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     180-4x
2nd-Jim C.    131-0
3rd-Mark V. 128-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.    158-3x
2nd-Jim C.   119-0
3rd-Sean G.  105-1

November 8th 2020

Over the Log Match
7 targets 3 shots per target
1st-Ron D.       18.219"
2nd-Mark V.   39.591
3rd-Roger K.  48.779

October 18th 2020

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      182-1x
2nd-Bryan S.  156-3
3rd-Al S.         141-0

Rendezvous Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S.       175
2nd-Ron D.        159
3rd-Monroe W. 133

October 11th 2020

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.        3.14""
2nd-Mark V.    5.797"
3rd- Sean G.     7.21"

September 20th 2020

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      184-2x
2nd-Mike B.   168-3
3rd-Bryan S.  166-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       192-3x
2nd-Mike B.    147-0
3rd-Bryan S.   144-1

September 13th 2020

Over the Log Match
7 targets 3 shots per target
1st-Ron D.        12.851"
2nd-Jim C.       28.952
3rd-Sean G.      32.863

August 23rd 2020

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.    228-1x
2nd-Jim C.   196-0
3rd-Mike B.  180-1

August 16th 2020

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        175-1x
2nd-Roger K.   152-1
3rd-Mark V.     120-0

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       184-1x
2nd-Mark V.   110-0
3rd-Roger K.    57-0

August 9th 2020

Table Shoot Match 10 targets
1st-Ron D.         4.758"
2nd-Sean G.      8.194"
3rd- Roger K.   15.158" with a pistol

July 12th 2020

Over the Log Match 7 targets
1st-Ron D.       17.247"
2nd-Bryan S.   22.534"
3rd- Al S.         34.240"

June 21st 2020

All Steel Pistol Match
1st-Sean G.      6 targets hit
2nd-Roger K.  4
Tie-Ron D.       4
3rd- Mark V.   2
Tie- Luke G.    2

All Steel Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.         22 targets hit
2nd-Mark V.     14
3rd-Roger K.    13

June 14th 2020

Table Shoot Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       4.815"
2nd-Mark V.  13.451"
3rd-Sean G.    15.240"

May 17th 2020

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      175-4x
2nd-Mark V.  131-0
3rd-Sean G.    108-1

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       189-0x
2nd-Roger K.  105-0
3rd-Mark V.     94-0

March 29th 2020

Benchrest Match
1st-Bryan S.   231-3x
2nd-Ron D.    227-4
3rd-Al S.        224-0

March 14th 2020

Chili Shoot
1st-Ron D.      316-0x
2nd-Terry H.  287-0
3rd-Bryan S.   273-2

March 15th 2020

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       187-2x
2nd-Bryan S.   179-1
3rd-Mark V.    124-0

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S.    226-3x
2nd-Ron D.     219-3
3rd-Mark V.   180-2

March 8th 2020

Over the Log/Chunk Gun Match 5 targets
1st-Ron D.       11.214"
2nd-Mark V.   21.036"
3rd-Dell M.      25.410"

February 16th Match

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       167-2x
2nd-Bryan S.   148-0x
3rd-Al S.          140-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.        200-1x
2nd-Bryan S.   173-0x
3rd-Mike B.     150-1x

February 9th 2020

Table Shoot Match
1st-Ron D.        4.765"
2nd-Dell M.    12.586"
3rd-Mark V.  13.250"

January 19th 2020

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.           221-1x
2nd-Mike B.        191-0x
3rd-Monroe W.   164-0x

November 17th "Turkey Shoot"

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      171-1x
2nd-Bryan S.  140-0x
3rd-Jim C.      134-1x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      147-0x
2nd-Al S.        125-0x
3rd-Bryan S.  107-0x

October 20th

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       177-5x
2nd-Bryan S.   171-0x
3rd-Mark V.    100-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.           163-1x
2nd-Monroe W.  161-1x
3rd-Bryan S.       156-2x

September 29th

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.      214-1x
2nd-Jim C.     194-0x
3rd-Mark V.  111-0x

September 15th

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       184-3x
2nd-Bryan S.   159-2x
3rd-Al S.          144-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.       176-0x
2nd-Bryan S.   163-1x
3rd-Al S.          114-0x

August 18th

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       172-1x
2nd-Bryan S.   170-1x
3rd-Jim C.       135-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Bryan S.        170-0x
2nd-Ron D.         161-3x
3rd-Monroe W.  127-1x

July 21st Practice Postal Matches

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     168-2x
2nd-Bryan S 156-0x
3rd-Al S.       147-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      139-4x
2nd-Bryan S. 125-0x
3rd-Jim C.       99-0x

June 30th Match

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.      221-1x
2nd-Joe W.    201-1x
3rd-Roger K. 138-0x

June 13th-16th Oklahoma State Championship Scores here for info


May 19th Match

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       172-3x
2nd-Roger K.  156-0x
3rd-Bryan S.   150-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      179-2x
2nd-Bryan S.  142-0x
3rd-Jim C.      112-0x

April 21st Match

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       162-2x
2nd-Roger K.  151-0x
3rd-Bryan S.   140-0x
3rd-Al S.          140-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Al S.          162-0x
2nd-Bryan S.  161-1x
3rd-Ron D.     160-1x

March 31st Benchrest Match

1st-Ron D.      227-2x
2nd-Mike B.   199-0x
3rd-Roger K.  142-0x

March 17th "Chili Shoot"

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      173-2x
2nd-Roger K. 168-2x
3rd-Joe W.      104-1x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.          177-0x
2nd-Monroe W. 174-1x
3rd-Jim C.          147-0x
3rd-Roger K.      147-0x

February 17th Match

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       168-3x
2nd-Roger K.  148-1x
3rd-Mike B.    134-2x

Rifle Match
1st-Terry H.  190-0x
2nd-Ron D.   170-1x
3rd-Jim C.    138-1x
3rd-Mike B.  138-1x

January 20th Match

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      193-6x
2nd-Mike B.   175-2x
3rd-Mark V.  142-2x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      212-1x
2nd-Mike B.   169-0x
3rd-Dell M.    157-0x

December 30th

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.    230-3x
2nd-Jim C.   221-1x
3rd-Mike B. 216-1x

December 16th "Ham Shoot"

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        185-4x
2nd-Mike B.     169-2x
3rd-Roger K.    144-1x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      239-1x
2nd-Mike B.   173-0x
3rd-Dell M.     154-0x

November 18th

Pistol Match/ Turkey Shoot
1st-Ron D.     188-1x
2nd-Mark V. 109-0x

October 21st

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       179-4x
2nd-Roger K.  163-1x
3rd-Jim C.       143-1x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.    189-0x
2nd-Jim C.   153-1x
3rd-Mark V.  84-0x

September 30th

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.    227-2x
2nd-Al S.      220-4x
3rd-Jim C.   212-0x

September 16th

Pistol Postal Match
1st-Ron D.      206-3x
2nd-John K.    81-0x

Rifle Postal Match
1st-Ron D.       157-2x
2nd-Terry H.   127-1x
3rd-John K.      63-0x

August 19th

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D      194-1x
2nd-Jim C. 177-2x
3rd-Al S. 203-0x

July 29th

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.     215-1x
2nd-Al S.       212-1x
3rd-Jim C.    212-0x

July 15th

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      176-2x
2nd-Jim C.     148-0x
3rd-Roger K. 145-1x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D       232-3x
2nd-Andy M. 173-1x
3rd-Jim C.     171-2x

June 17th

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     172-2x
2nd-Jim C.    141-0x
3rd-Mark V. 130-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Terry H.  192-3x
2nd-Ron D.   183-1x
3rd-Dan B.    141-0x

April 26th-29th Oklahoma State Championship Scores here for info

March 18th "Chili Shoot"

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.  188-2x
2nd-Al S.    147-0x
3rd-Jim C.  145-1x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.          192-0x
2nd-Marissa B.  184-2x
3rd-Jim C.          172-0x

Shotgun Match
1st-John K.  6 birds
1st-Andy       6 birds
2nd-Al S.      5 birds

February 18th 2018

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.    166-1x
2nd-Jim C.   163-0x
3rd-Mike B. 138-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.    170-1x
2nd-Mike B. 150-1x
3rd-Jim C.    116-1x

January 21st 2018

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.   172-0x
2nd-Jim C.  138-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.   182-0x
2nd-Tim B.  137-1x
3rd-Jim C.    96-0x

December 17th 2017

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.   175-4x
2nd-Jim C.  145-2x

Rifle Match Ham Shoot
1st-Ron D.    215-1x
2nd-Tim B.   161-0x
3rd-Mike B.  128-0x

November 19th 2017

Rifle Match Turkey Shoot
1st-Ron D.   186-1x
2nd-Tim B.  116-0x
3rd-Jim C.    97-0x

September 17th 2017

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.     201-0x
2nd-Terry H. 177-0x
3rd-Mike B.   165-0x

August 20th 2017

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     177-3x
2nd-Jim C.    131-0x
3rd-John K.    98-1x

Rendezvous Rifle Match
1st-Terry H.  14
2nd-John K.  12
3rd-Ron D.    11-1/2

July 30th 2017

Benchrest Match
1st-Ron D.    231-0x
2nd-Jim C.   223-0x
3rd-Mike B. 204-1x

July 16th 2017

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.       173-2x
2nd-Kerry K.  139-0x
3rd-Dan B.      106-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.   161-1x
2nd-Dell M. 128-0x
3rd-Dan B.    49-0x

June 18th 2017

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.  171-2x
2nd-Jim C. 150-1x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.   191-1x
2nd-Jim C.  111-0x

March 19th 2017

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     157-0x
2nd-Jim C.    143-1x
3rd-Kerry K.  60-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.      178-0x
2nd-Jim C.     146-0x
3rd- Kerry K.  49-0x

February 19th 2017

Pistol Match
1st-Mike B. 139-1x
2nd-Ron D. 138-1x
3rd-Jim C.  114-0x

Rifle Match
1st-Ron D.    144-0x
2nd-Mike B. 142-0x
3rd- Jim C.   127-1x

January 29th 2017

Rifle Benchrest Match
1st-  Ron D.    231-4x
2nd-Dell M.   200-0x
3rd- Jim C.    192-1x

January 15th "Ham Shoot"

Pistol Match
1st- Ron D.    175-3x
2nd-Mike B.  148-0x
3rd-Terry H. 139-0x

Rifle Ham Match
1st-  Mike B.    201-0x
2nd-Terry H.   198-0x
3rd- Ron D.     193-0x

November 20th 2016 "Turkey Shoot"

Pistol Match
1st-  Ron D.  173-3x
2nd-Jim C.   142-1x
3rd-John K.   65-0x

Rifle Turkey Match
1st  Ron D.   128-0x
2nd Jim C.   112-0x
3rd Don W.   68-0x

October 30th 2016

Benchrest Rifle Match
1st Ron D.    174-2x
2nd Jim C.   171-0x
3rd Mike B. 165-0x

Cross-stick Rifle Match
1st Ron D.    126-1x
2nd Mike B. 123-1x
3rd Jim C.    111-0x

September 18th 2016

Rifle Match
1st Ron D.    201
2nd Dell M.  125
3rd Jim C.    106

Tomahawk Throw
1st-Dell M.   4 points
2nd-Jim C.   4 points
3rd-Kent B.  2 points

August 21st 2016

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.    171-1x
2nd-Jim C.   147-2x
3rd-Al S.       118-0x

Benchrest Match
1st Ron D.    215-1x
2nd Al S.      204-1x
3rd Jim C.   189-0x

July 17th 2016

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     176-1x
2nd-Mike B.  158-0x
3rd-Jim C.     140-2x

Rendezvous Match
1st Ron D.  11
2nd Jim C.   9
3rd Bill J.     8

Tomahawk Throw
1st-Mike B.   20 points
2nd-Ron D.   10 points
3rd-Jim C.      6 points

June 19th 2016

All Steel Match 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards
1st Ron D.            21/22
2nd Jim C.           18/22
3rd Stephanie A. 16/22

May 15th 2016

Bench Match
1st Ron D.   217-1x
2nd Jim C.  204-0x
3rd Dell M. 157-0x

Tomahawk Throw
1st-Jim C.   14 points
2nd-Ron D.   2 points
Tie-Dell M.   2 points

March 20th 2016
Chili Shoot"

Pistol Match
Ice Cube Ron D.    93-0x
Shivering Jim C.  83-1x
Frozen Fred B.     48-0x

Rifle Match

Ice Cube Ron D.     153
Shivering Jim C.   114
Frostbite Dell M.   101

February 21st 2016

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        158-1x
2nd-Jim C.       150-1x

Winter Freeze Match
But we were lucky it wasn't that cold
1st Ron D.           181-1x
2nd Jim C.          140-0x
3rd Dell M.         134-0x

January 17th 2016

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        187-4x
2nd-John K.     119-1x
3rd-Jim C.        116-0x

Up Close Rifle Match all targets at 25 yards
1st Ron D.        196-0x
2nd Dell M.      168-0x
3rd Jim C.        163-0x

December 20th 2015

Pistol Match (way too windy to shoot 50 yards)
1st-Ron D.      88-1x
2nd-Jim C.     84-0x

Ham Shoot (way too windy to shoot 100 yards)
1st Ron D.       177-2x
2nd Dell M.     154-0x
3rd Jim C.        67-0x



November 15th 2015

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        176-0x
2nd-Terry H.   130-0x
3rd-John K.     117-0x

Turkey Shoot
1st Terry H.   165-1x
2nd Ron D.    161-2x
3rd John K.    83-0x

October 18th 2015

Rendezvous Rifle Match
1st Ron D.    132
2nd Bob B.   130
3rd Jim C.    100

Hawk Throw
1st-Al S.        22
2nd-Bob B.   10
3rd-Jim C.      0

September 20th 2015

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      172-2x
2nd-Jim C.     155-0x
3rd-Byran S.  149-0x

Bench Rifle Match
1st Ron D.     203-5x
2nd Dell M.  198-0x
3rd Jim C.    190-1x

August 16th 2015

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.      179-5x
2nd-Vance B. 137-3x
3rd-Jim C.     136-1x

Rifle Match
1st Terry H.  189
2nd Ron D.   176
3rd Jim C.    129

July 19th 2015

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.        90--1x
2nd-Kerry K.   68-0x
3rd-Bob B.        50-0x

Rifle Match
1st Ron D.    174
2nd Bob B.   143
3rd Jim C.    109



June 21st 2015

Pistol Match
1st-Ron D.     166-1x
2nd-Don W.  116-0x
3rd-Jim C.      99-0x

Rendezvous Rifle Match
1st Ron D.    14 hits
2nd Don W.  11 hits
3rd Dell M.    6 1/2 hits

Hawk Throw
1st-Don W.   4
2nd-Ron D.   4
3rd-Dell M.   0

May 3rd 2015

Chili Shoot Rifle Results
1st-Ron D.     164-2x
2nd-Dell M.   153
3rd-Terry H.  145

Pistol Match
1st Ron D.     180-4x
2nd Mike B.  157-1x
3rd Terry H. 136

Hawk Throw
1st-Dell M.      12
2nd-Terry H.    4
3rd-Mike B.      4

December 28th 2014

Ham Match Rifle Results
1st-Ron D.    202-3x
2nd-Mike B. 131-1x
3rd-Bob B.   123-0x


November 30th 2014

Turkey Match Rifle Results
1st-Ron D.     195-2x
2nd-Mike B.  143-1x
3rd-Jim C.     112

Pistol Match
1st Mike B. 188-5x
2nd Ron D. 182-4x

Hawk Throw
1st-Mike B. 4
2nd-Jim C.   2
3rd-Ron D.   0

October 26th 2014

All Steel Match Results
1st-Dell M.   -172
2nd-Mike B. -164
3rd-Ron D.   -142

September 28th 2014

Rendezvous Results
1st-Ron D. -92
2nd-Al S. -76
2nd-Jim C. -76
3rd-Mike B. -70


August 31st 2014

Silhouette Rifle Results
1st-Mike Bassett-16 out of 20
2nd-Al Shackleford-15
3rd-Rick Escott-12
3rd-Ron Doggett-12
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-12
3rd-Bob Benda-12


July 27th 2014

Benchrest Rifle Results
1st-Mike Bassett-194-1x
2nd-Al Shackleford-176-0
3rd-Ron Doggett-158-0



June 29th 2014

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-167-1x
2nd-Mike Bassett-160-3
3rd-Don Whisonant-88-0

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-182-4x
2nd-Dell Mendehall-170-0
3rd-Al Shackleford-157-0





June 16th 2013

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-164-2x
2nd-Bob Benda-66

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-211x
2nd-Bobby Jump-128
3rd-Derek Benda-95

May 19th 2013

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-169x
2nd-Bobby Jump-140
3rd-Darrell    -130

April 21st 2013

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-159-3x
2nd-John Kilgore-113

Rifle Results
1st-Dell Mendenhall-154x
2nd-Ron Doggett- 163
3rd-John Kilgore-149x

March 17th 2013

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-169-3x
2nd-John Kilgore-142

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-192
2nd-John Kilgore-125x
3rd-Bobby Jump 122x

February 17th 2013

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-179
2nd-John Kilgore-142x
3rd-Mike Bassett-134-2x

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-171
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-147
3rd-Mike Bassett-146x

January 20th 2013

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-176-2x
2nd-Mike Bassett-159
3rd-Dick Bernard-127

Rifle Results
1st-Monroe Walter-181
2nd-Ron Doggett-178x
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-175-2x also shot a 50-1x on a target

December 16th 2012 "Ham Shoot"

Pistol Results
1st Ron Doggett-171-x
2nd-Mike Bassett-153

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-166
2nd-Mike Bassett-158
3rd-Monroe Walters-149-2x

November 19th 2012 "Turkey Shoot"

No Pistol

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-148-2x
2nd-Bob Benda-148
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-133


October 21st 2012

No Pistol 

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-143
2nd-Bobby Jump-124
3rd-Jerry Wolliver-89


August 19th 2012

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-175-3x
2nd-Neil Keyes-128
3rd-Bill Sumpter-21

Rifle Results
1st-Dell Mendenhall-157
2nd-Ron Doggett-132
3rd-Neil Keyes-120



 July 15th 2012

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-175-3x
2nd-Mike Bassett-148x
3rd-Bobby Jump-84x

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-162
2nd-Mike Bassett-150
3rd-Bobby Jump-149



June 17th 2012

No Pistol

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-159
2nd-Monroe Walker-142-x
3rd-Bobby Jump-101

May 20th 2012

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-176-3x
2nd-Bob Benda-87

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-194-x
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-121-x
3rd-Bobby Jump-118-x

April 15th 2012

No Match CMP Games 


March 18th 2012

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-172-2x
2nd-Mike Bassett-134

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-179-2x
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-167
3rd-Mike Bassett-148-3x

February 19th 2012

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-168-2x
2nd-Mike Bassett-148-x
3rd-Dick Bernard-143

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-193
2nd-Mike Bassett-166
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-163

January 15th 2012

No Shoot too nasty 


December 18th 2011 "Ham Shoot"

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-186-4x
2nd-Mike Bassett-160-2x
3rd-Dick Bernard-139-x

Rifle Results
1st-Austin Warfield-172
2nd-Ron Doggett-163-x
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-161

November 20th 2011 "Turkey Shoot"

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-175-4x
2nd-Mike Bassett-166-4x
3rd-Dick Bernard-150

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-181x
2nd-Dick Bernard-146x
3rd-Mike Bassett-137

October 16th 2011

Pistol Results
1st-Mike Bassett-140x
2nd-Dick Bernard-121x
3rd-Levi Butchel-110

Rifle Results
1st-Mike Bassett-152x
2nd-Bob Benda-147
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-137


September 18th 2011

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-176-x
2nd-Bill Bernard-130
3rd-Dick Bernard-124

Rifle Results
1st-Dell Mendenhall-162
2nd-Ron Doggett-138
3rd-Bill Bernard-95

April 17th 2011

Pistol Results
1st-David Porter-163x
2nd-Ron Doggett-157x
3rd-Mike Bassett-154-4x

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-167x
2nd-David Porter-123x
3rd-Gerald Porter-122

March 20th 2011

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-165x
2nd-Mike Bassett-149xx
3rd-Dick Bernard-148

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-185
2nd-Mike Bassett-152
3rd-Bob Benda-104

March 19th 2011 "Chili Shoot"

1st--Neil Keyes-197
2nd-David Porter-191x
3rd-Michael Payne-170

February 20th 2011

Pistol Results
1st- Ron Doggett-157-x
2nd- Mike Bassett-144
3rd-Bill Bernard-135

Rifle Results
1st--Mike Bassett-169-x
2nd-Dick Bernard-165
3rd- Ron Doggett-152-x

January 16th 2011

Pistol Results
1st- Ron Doggett-177-2x
2nd- Mike Bassett-156
3rd-John Kilgore-129x

Rifle Results
1st--Bobby Jump-135x
2nd-Bob Benda-119
3rd- John Kilgore-119

December 19th 2010 "Ham Shoot"

Pistol Results
1st- Ron Doggett-165-x
2nd- David Porter-156
3rd-Mike Bassett-149

Rifle Results
1st-Gerald Porter-170-5 x
2nd-Ron Doggett-167 x
3rd- Bobby Jump-153 x

November 21st 2010 "Turkey Shoot"

Pistol Results
1st- Bill Bernard-163-x
2nd- David Porter-161
3rd-Ron Doggett-157

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-173-4x
2nd-David Porter-160
3rd- Mike Bassett-135

Match October 17th 2010

Pistol Results
1st- Dick Bernard-156
2nd- Bill Bernard-154
3rd-Mike Bassett-152

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett--205xx
2nd-Mike Bassett-165x
3rd- Chuck Elrod-115x

Match September 19th 2010

Pistol Results
1st- David Porter-166
2nd- David Cox-159x
3rd- Al Shackelford-155

Rifle Results
1st-  David Porter-181
2nd-Bryan Shackelford-174x
3rd- Ron Doggett-170

Match August 15th 2010

Pistol Results
1st- David Cox-167-3 x
2nd-Mike Bassett-166-3 x
3rd- Ron Doggett-166 x

Rifle Results
1st- Ron Doggett-153
2nd-David Porter-147
3rd-Mike Bassett-143

Match July 18th 2010

Pistol Results
1st-  Ron Doggett-169
2nd-David Porter-162
3rd- Bill Bernard-159

Rifle Results
1st-  David Porter-193
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-170
3rd-Ron Doggett-155-x

State Match June 24th-27th

We had a nice weekend for the shoot just a little bit on the warm side no rain or wind. The results is as follows. 

Percussion agg.                              Flintlock agg.                                    Ladies agg.
1st-Ron Doggett-170                     1st- Neil Keyes-146                          1st-Debbie Porter-177-2x
2nd-Monroe Walter-149                2nd-Ron Doggett-137                       2nd-Jeannie Fielder-156-x
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-148              3rd-David Porter-134                       3rd-Ruth Kilgore-130

Junior agg.                                         Sub Junior Agg.                                Musket Agg.
1st -Levi Buchtel-71                           1st-Colt Kneedy-29                         1st-Clif Sikes-144
2nd-Jessica Shackelford-36                2nd-Cody Merithith-25                   2nd-Rick Cox-139
                                                           3rd-Kristy Shackelford-22              3rd-Danny Fielder-

Hawkens Agg.                                    Men's Hunters Agg.                           Ladies Hunters Agg.
1st-Ron Doggett-174-2x                   1st-Ron Doggett-210                         1st-Debbie porter-155
2nd-Jerry Gorham-151                     2nd-Jason Kneedy-191-2x                 2nd-Jeannie Fielder-121
3rd-Pat Hausher-145-2x                   3rd-Neil Keyes-178                           3rd-Ruth Kilgore-100

Men's Pistol Agg.                                Ladies Pistol Agg.                             Bench Rest Agg.
1st-Ron Doggett-511-4x                   1st-Debbie Porter-138                      1st-Jerry Wooliver-276-5x
2nd-Jim Bishop-448                          2nd-Jeannie Fielder -113                  2nd-Ron Doggett-253-x
3rd-John Kilgore-410-x                     3rd- Ruth Kilgore-76                        3rd-Mike Bassett- 252-3x

Ladies Bench rest Agg.                     Old Timer Agg.                                   Men's Rendezvous Agg.
1st -Ruth Kilgore-115                         1st-Dell Mendenhall-142                1st-Danny Fielder-83
2nd-Jeannie Fielder-78                       2nd-Jerry Gorham-133                   2nd-Charlie Shackelford-82
                                                           3rd-Dick Bernard-132                    3rd-Dick Bernard-77

One Gun Agg.                                       Ladies Grand Agg.                            Men's Grand Agg.
1st-Ron Doggett-441                          1st-Debbie Porter-520-2x                1st-Ron Doggett-508-2x
2nd-Neil Keyes-391                            2nd-Jeannie Fielder-422x                2nd-Danny Fielder-408-4x
3rd-Danny Fielder-385-4x                  3rd-Ruth Kilgore-333                       3rd-John Kilgore-305          

Our Next shoot is July 18th.
Remember safety when on any of the ranges.

Match February 21st 2010
Well another cold and cloudy day but there was seven of us that showed up to shoot.
Pistol Results
1st-Mike Bassett-167x
2nd-Ron Doggett-166-2x
3rd-Dick Bernard-139x

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-192-2x    Ron shot a very nice target with a 50-2x nice shooting.
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-164
3rd-Mike Bassett-155-2x


Match January 17th 2010

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-167-2x
2nd-Mike Bassett-156-x
3rd-Bill Bernard-152

Rifle Results
1st-Rick Buchtel-173
2nd-Ron Doggett-172-x
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-170

Ham Match December 20th 2009

Pistol Results
1st-Mike Bassett-163-3x
2nd-Bill Bernard-160-x
3rd-Dick Bernard-149-x

Rifle Results and winner of a Ham.
1st-Ron Doggett-179-xx
2nd-Dick Bernard-167-xx
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-166

Next shoot will be Jan.17th 2010 Remember safety when on any of the ranges. Hope every one had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Turkey Match November 15th 2009

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-173-3x
2nd-Mike Bassett-162-x
3rd-Bill Bernard-155-x

Rifle Results and winner of a turkey.
1st-Dick Bernard-195
2nd-Ron Doggett-185-x
3rd-Mike Bassett-172-x

Match October 18th 2009

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-173x
2nd-Bill Bernard-168
Mike Bassett-159xx

Rifle Results
1st-Ron Doggett-182xxx
2nd-Bob Benda-149
3rd-Bill Bernard-144

Match September 20th 2009

Pistol Results
1st-Ron Doggett-168xx
2nd-Mike Bassett-155
3rd-Bobby Jump-151x

Rifle Results
1st-Rick Cox-194x
2nd-Ron Doggett-191x
3rd-Bobby Jump-160

Match August 16th 2009
Pistol results                                                   Rifle results
1st-Mike Bassett-158                                  1st-Al Shackelford-159x               
2nd-Al Shackelford-146-3x                        2nd-Mike Bassett-148x
3rd-Bill Bernard-143x                                3rd-Dell Mendenhall-144x 


We  held the Oklahoma State Muzzleloader Championship matches
on June 25th thru the 28th. We had a good turn out this year.

Percussion agg.                                           Flint agg.                           
1st-Monroe Walter-151                               1st-Ron Doggett-159     
2nd-Dan William-144x                                2nd-Bill Bernard-124
3rd-John Ziegler-143x                                 3rd-Neil Keyes-118

Ladies agg.                                                     Junior agg.
1st-Carla Garnecky-126x                             1st -Coley Jameson-85
2nd-Jeanne Fielder-130                              2nd-Levi Butchel-81x
3rd-Ruth Kilgore-128                                   3rd-Nicholas Taylor-65

Sub Jr.                                                               Musket agg.  
1st-Gray Jameson-38                                    1st-Clif Sikes-170
2nd-Nicholas Taylor-24                                 2nd-Rick Butchel-155
                                                                            3rd-Frank Fisher-152

Hawken agg.                                                    Men Hunter Agg.
1st-Frank Fisher-144                                      1st-Danny Fielder-192
2nd-Dick Bernard-138                                    2nd-Frank Fisher-191
3rd-Jerry Gorham-122                                    3rd-Monroe Walter-184

Ladies Hunter Agg.                                         Men Pistol Agg.
1st-Ruth Kilgore-146                                        1st-Ron Doggett-480-3x
2nd-Jeanne Fielder-109                                2nd-Bill Bernard-469x
3rd-Carla Garnecky-55                                   3rd -John Kilgore-408x

Ladies Pistol   Agg                                            Mens Bench Rest Agg
1st-Ruth Kilgore-101                                       1st-Chad Burrington-276-4x
2nd-Jeanne Fielder-100                                  2nd-Ron Doggett-259x
3rd-Carla Garnecky-68                                    3rd-Ronnie Green-207x

Ladies Bench Rest  Agg.                                   Old Timer  Agg.
1st-Ruth Kilgore-86                                            1st-Frank Fisher-153
2nd-Deb Williams-73                                         2nd-John Kilgore-144x
3rd-Jeanne Fielder-68                                       3rd-Jerry Gorham-137

Men's Rendezvous                                             Ladies Rendezvous.
1st-John Kilgore-93                                           1st-Ruth Kilgore-61
2nd-Danny Fielder-92                                        2nd-Jeanne Fielder-53
3rd-Mike Bassett-83                                           3rd-Carla Garnecky-22

One Gun Agg.                                                       Hubsand & Wife Agg.
1st-Danny Fielder-419x                                      John & Ruth Kilgore-78
2nd-Frank Fisher-387
3rd-Ronnie Green-352-2x

Ladies Grand Agg.                                               Mens Grand Agg.
1st-Ruth Kilgore-436                                           1st-Dave Garnecky-440x
2nd-Jeanne Fielder-407                                     2nd-Danny Fielder-433x
3rd-Carla Garnecky-281x                                    3rd-John Kilgore-430x

Our next shoot will be July 19th.
Hope every one had a safe fourth.
Always remember safety when on any range.


Match June 21st 2009

Pistol results                                                   Rifle results
1st-Ron Doggett-163x                                  1st-Ron Doggett-182               
2nd-Al shackelford-158-3x                            2nd-Rick Butchel-149
3rd-Mike Bassett-158-2x                               3rd-Bill Bernard-145-x 


March 14th 2009 "Chili Shoot" Match

Well another year came and went on the chili shoot it started a little on the chili side then it sleeted for a while and then the sun came out and had very little wind all in all we had a nice day for the shoot. We had our biggest turn out since I took it back over in 2005.
Rifle results.

1st-Dan Williams-180
2nd-Rick Cox     -176
3rd-Mark Dix     -168

March 15th 2009 Match

The Pistol results
1st Bill Bernard   -160
2nd Rick Butchel-136
3rd Mike Bassett -129

Rifle results.
1st-Dell Mendenhall-162
2nd-Bobby Jump     -149
3rd-Rick Cox          -139


February 15th 2009 Match

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett -152x
2nd Bill Bernard -151
3rd Dick Bernard-131

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett        -166x
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-148
3rd-Rick Butchel       -136

Our next shoot is the chili shoot on March 14th starts at 9:00 am we will stop at 12:00 for all shooters to enjoy some real good chili. We will start back up around 1:00. This is a blanket shoot you bring a prize and you will get a prize depending on where you place. We will also shoot the next day on Sunday the 15th pistols at 11:00 & rifles at 1:00.
Always remember safety when on any of the ranges.

December 21st 2008 "Ham Shoot" Match

Rifle results.

1st three Rifle winners won a ham.
1st Ron Doggett-189x
2nd Mike Bassett-140
3rd Rick Butchel-138

Our next shoot will be January 18th
Hope every one has a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the Muzzleloader Division.
Always remember safety when on any range & lets make 2009 a safe one.

November 16th 2008 "Turkey Shoot" Match

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett     -165x
2nd Al Shackelford-149
3rd Dick Bernard   -134

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett      -185xx
2nd-Al Shackelford -179xx
3rd-Frank Fisher     -155x

Our next shoot will Dec.21st and will be shooting for hams.

Hope every one has a Happy Thanksgiving.
Always remember safety when on any of the ranges.

October 19th 2008 Match

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett   -173
2nd Dick Bernard -134
3rd Rick Butchel  -131

Rifle results.
1st-Dell mendenhall-169-xx
2nd-Rick Cox          -169
3rd-Rick Butchel    -151x
Our Next shoot is November 16th which will be our turkey shoot so if you have a muzzleloader come out and try for a turkey.

September 21st 2008 Match

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett   -160x
2nd Dick Bernard -142
3rd Rick Butchel  -137

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett        -183-3x
2nd-Dell Mendenhall -174x
3rd-Rick Butchel       -155

Our next shoot is Oct-19th so come on out and shoot with us and have some fun.

When I got to the range today Sept. 21st  I found the lock in place on the gate but was not locked so any one could have came in. Be sure and lock the gate when you leave.

When I got up to the range I'm amaze how some shooter likes to shoot at paint cans and just leave them for some one else to clean up after them.
These are everyone's ranges to use so please clean up what you shoot.

Also some of are target racks are being shot up by something other than muzzleloaders or 22LR's. I found live rounds of 9mm & 38 special shells so don't tear up are racks.

August 17th 2008 Match

We had a nice warm day but winds again of 30 mile an hour.

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett    -167x
2nd Bill Bernard    -155
3rd Al Shackelford-151

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett  -189
2nd-Frank Fisher -175
3rd-Bobby Jump -164

This was our State Match that started on June 26th and ended on the 30th
Percussion winner                                         Flintlock winner
1st- Ron Doggett-    153x                                1st-Ron Doggett-   156
2nd-Jason Kneedy-  149x                                2nd-Rick Cox-      143
3rd-Monroe Walter-145                                  3rd-Lynn Kneedy-127

Ladie's winner                                                  Junior
1st-Linda Shackelford-163x                           1st-Coley Jameson-91
2nd-Deb William-        114
3rd-Fayd Boyd-            111                                          Sub Junior
                                                                                1st-Gray Jameson-  33
                                                                                 2nd-Jordon Grubbs-6

Musket                                                                   Hawken
1st-Danny Fielder-171                                        1st-Ron Doggett-        162
2nd-John Conley-  160                                        2nd-Dell Mendenhall-163
3rd-James Elam-    147                                        3rd-Rick Butchel-      115

Mens Hunters                                                          Ladies Hunter
1st-Charlie Shackelford-185                               1st-Linda Shackelford-167
2nd-Ronnie Green-        179                                2nd-Faye Boyd-          121
3rd--Frank Fisher-          172                                3rd-Jeannie Fielder-     93

Men's Pistol                                                                 Ladie's Pistol
1st-Bill Bernard-434-4x                                        1st-Linda Shackelford-122
2nd-James Elam-270-2x                                      2nd  Dace Fielder-        111x
                                                                             3rd-Faye Boyd-             108

Men's Bench Rest                                                   Ladie's bench Rest
1st-Jerry Wooliver- 279x                                       1st-Linda Shackelford-134
2nd-Ron Doggett-   271-5x                                    2nd-Jeannie Fielder-      74
3rd-Al Shackelford-252x                                        3rd Dace Fielder-          51

Old Timer                                                               Men's Rendezvous
1st-Frank Fisher-148                                            1st-Danny Fielder-    87
2nd-James Elam-133                                            2nd-Frank Fisher-     84
3rd-Chuck Elrod-132                                           3rd-Ron Doggett-      84

Ladies Rendezvous                                              One Gun
1st-Jeannie fielder-83                                          1st-Ron Doggett-    404x
2nd-Dace Fielder- 30                                           2nd-Frank Fisher-   373
3rd-Deb William- 20                                            3rd-Danny Fielder=365

Ladie's grand agg                                                        Men's Grand agg
1st -Jeannie Fielder-356                                             1st-Danny Fielder-370
2nd - Dace Fielder-275-2x

Our state shoot was down in shooter due to high gas prices .
Next shoot will be July 20th and then August-17th so come on out and have some fun with us.
always remember safety when on any of the ranges.

June 8th 2008 Match

1st- Al Shackelford-   137
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-130
3rd-Mike Bassett-      130


May 18th 2008 Match 

The Rifle results

1st-Ron Doggett-185
2nd-Rick Cox-170
3rd-Chuck Elrod-130


April 20th 2008 Match

We had a nice warm day but winds again of 30 mile an hour.

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett  -152
2nd Bobby Jump -119
3rd Mike Bassett -113

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett        -149
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-139
3rd-Chuck Elrod       -125x

March 16th 2008 Match

We had our chili shoot on Saturday March 15th and had a fair turn out as the weather was a little cold and a lot of wind but every one had a good time and there was plenty of chili for every one to eat.

 The top winner was Michael Payne.

Our monthly shoot was also cool and windy as well.

The Pistol results
1st-Ron Doggett  -160xx
2nd -Bill Bernard-159x
3rd-Dick Bernard-130

Rifle results.
1st-Rick Cox      -167
2nd-Ron Doggett-147
3rd-Dick Bernard-122

Our next shoot will be April 20th so if you have a muzzleloader come out and have some fun with us. Pistol at 11:00 & rifle at 1:00.

Just to let ever one know the hand thrower for the shot gun has been taken off of the black power range.

We had another cold and windy day for a shoot but still had a good time.

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett        -141
2nd-Richard Butchel-124x
3rd Mike Bassett      -103

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett        -171x
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-135
3rd-Mike Bassett      -133
Our annual Chili shoot is Saturday March 15th and starts at 9:00 A.M.
and our monthly shoot is Sunday the 16th we shoot pistols at 11:00 & rifles at 1:00 so if you have a muzzle loader come out and shoot with us it fun.

January 20th 2008 Match
We had a very windy day but we still had a nice turn out.

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett-140
2nd Dick Bernard-129
3rd Bobby Jump-121

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett-178
2nd-Bobby Jump-133
3rd-Richard Butchel-123x

Our next shoot is February 17th so if you have a muzzle loader come on out and shoot with us. we shoot pistols at 11:00 & Rifles at 1:00.

When I got to the range who ever was there before me on Sunday the 20th didn't put the lock through both of the chain loop they only put it through only one loop so any one could have opened the gate so be sure and put the lock through both loops.

Now on the sad side there was two frames left on the 100 yd line so when I went out to bring them in I notice that someone with some thing other than a muzzle loader had shot the frame up one was shot at the top and shot at bottom so that this frame is no good the other one was shot into at the bottom these frame cost the division $10.00 per frame to make. We don't mind you using them but just don't shoot them up.

December 16th "Ham Shoot"

We had our monthly shoot and the weather was nice and sunny and a mild wind and the winners are.

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett-197x
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-174-2x
3rd-Chuck Elrod-163-3x

Hope every one has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Black Powder Division.

November 18th "Turkey Match"

We had our shoot and we had summer like weather with lots of wind not bad for middle of November.

The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett-167
2nd Bill Bernard-158x
3rd Dick Bernard-154-2x

Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett-195x
2nd-Richard Butchel-156-2x
3rd-Dell Mendenhall-152x

Our next shoot is December 16th it will be are ham shoot.
We had a new club member that came out and shoot with us and had a really good time so if you have a muzzle loader  come on out and shoot with use.
Always remember safety first when on any of the ranges.

October 21st Match
We had a little better turn out this month than the last three months but we also had about a 35 mph wind still we had a good time.
The Pistol results
1st Bill Bernard-154
2nd Ron Doggett-154
3rd Dick Bernard-141x

Rifle result.
1st Bobby Jump-154-2x
2nd Frank Fisher-151
3rd Richard Butchel-144

Next month (November 18) is our "Turkey Shoot" and the top three winners will received a turkey!!!

September 16th Match
The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett 167-2x
2nd Al Shackelford 136x
3rd Bobby Jump 126

The Rifle Results
1st Ron Doggett 166x
2nd Bobby Jump 158-2x
3rd Lee Fielder 152x

August 19th Match
The Pistol results
1st Ron Doggett 170-2x
2nd Bobby Jump 144

The Rifle results.
1st Ron Doggett 166x
2nd Joe Herman 149-3x From PENNSYLVANIA
3rd Bobby Jump 135

Match July 15th

The pistol results.
1st-Al Shackelford-168
2nd-Ron Doggett-164
3rd-Dick Bernard-153
The rifle results.
1st-Dell Mendenhall-197
2nd-Ron Doggett-173
3rd-Chuck Elrod-161-2x

State Match June 21st -24th

Our state shoot was fighting rain 3 of the 4 day but we still had a good turn out and every one had a good time.
Top Winner in each .
Percussion.                           Flintlock                                     Ladies
1st-Danny Fielder-156x           1st-David porter-158x               1st-Linda Shackelford-163-3x
2nd-Ron Doggett-152               2nd-Ron Doggett-150              2nd-Carla Garnecky-161-2x
3rd-Dave Garnecky-150            3rd-Dave Garnecky-147           3rd-Ruth Kilgore-139
Junior.                                 Sub Jr.                                    Musket
1st-Joseph Porter-106            1st-Levi Inscore-25                 1st-Frank Fisher-183
2nd-Matthew Guy-72              2nd-Zachary Guy-24                2nd-Clif Sikes-161
3rd-Levi Inscore-62                 3rd-Cody Meridith-23               3rd-John Conley-159
Hawken                                  Men's Hunter                             Ladies Hunter
1st-Ron Doggett-154                1st-Charlie Shackelford-188x      1st-Linda Shackelford-164
2nd-Frank Fisher-152               2nd-Ron Doggett-184x                2nd-Jeannie Fielder-140
3rd-Danny Fielder-146              3rd-Monroe Walter-184x              3rd-Debbie Porter-134
Men's Pistol                            Ladies Pistol                               Men's Bench
1st-John Kilgore-436-4x           1st-Linda Shackelford-127x           1st-Jerry Wooliver-284-3x
2nd-Dick Bernard-433-x            2nd-Debbie Porter-125x                2nd-Al Shackelford-275x
3rd-Bill Bernard-420                  3rd-Jeannie Fielder-112                3rd-Ron Doggett-241
Ladies Bench                          Old Timers                               Men's Rendezvous
1st-Linda Shackelford-112         1st-Al Shackelford-158             1st-Danny Fielder-93
2nd-Carla Garnecky-109x           2nd-Neil Keyes-136                 2nd-Al Shackelford-86
3rd-Ruth Kilgore-88                    3rd-Frank Fisher-119               3rd-Ron Doggett-83
Ladies Rendezvous                     One Gun                                Ladies Grand agg.
1st-Ruth Kilgore-71                      1st-Danny Fielder-424x       1st-Linda Shackelford-521-4x
2nd-Linda Shackelford-67              2nd-Ron Doggett-408x         2nd-Jeannie Fielder-455
3rd-Jeannie Fielder-64                   3rd-Frank Fisher-391           3rd-Debbie Porter-425-3x
Men's Grand Agg.
1st-Dave Garnecky-456x
2nd-Al Shackelfoer-441-2x
3rd James Elam-327-2x


June 17th Match

Pistol results.
1st-Al Shackelford-159
2nd-Bill Bernard-157
3rd-Ron Doggett-152
Rifle results.
1st-Ron Doggett-189
2nd-Dell Mendenhall-164
3rd-Al Shackelford-157x.

May 20th match
The pistol results.
1st-Dick Bernard
2nd-Richard Buchtel
3rd Bobby Jump
We have one sub junior that shot, with us and he shot a 90 on the 5 target.
The rifle results.
1st- Ron Doggett-146
2nd-Richard Buchtel-133
3rd-Bobby Jump-117x

We had our monthly shoot on Sunday the 15th and you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. There was no wind and everyone had a problem shooting without it, as it's almost always windy in Oklahoma.
Results of the pistol match
1st-Ron Doggett-162-x
2nd-Jim Bishop-150
3rd-Dick Bernard-141-2x
Rifle results
1st-Rick Cox-197x
2nd-Al Shackelford-146
3rd-Bobby Jump-146
We had our annual chili shoot on March 17th 2007 and we had nice weather with a little wind to go along with it. Every one enjoy a good bowl of chili with fritos & cheese.
The top three winner were.
1st Ron Doggett-202
2nd Ronnie Green-177
3rd Al Shackelford-169-2x
We had are monthly shoot on Sunday and with much more wind but still had a good shoot.
Pistol result.
1st Dick Bernard-156x
2nd Jim Bishop- 151
3rd Ron Doggett-147xx
Rifle result.
1st Bobby Jump-168x
2nd Ron Doggett-160x
3rd Lee Fielder-159


February 18th 2007
1st-Ron Doggett
2nd-Jim Bishop
3rd Bobby Jump
1st Al Shackelford-174
2nd Dale Mendenhall-163
3rd-Lee Fielder-139x

April 17th 2005

1st Dick Bernard 158
2nd Al Shackleford 157
3rd Bill Bernard 154

1st Ron Doggett 149
2nd Del Mendalhall 142
3rd Jim Bishop 140x

March 20th 2005

1st Jim Bishop 161x
2nd Bill Bernard 142
3rd Dick Bernard 138

1st Chuck Elrod 165
2nd Dick Bernard 162x
3rd Jim Bishop 140

March 19th 2005 "Chili Shoot"

1st Mike Payne 184
2nd Ron Doggett 178
3rd Al Shackleford 176

February 20th 2005

1st Jim Bishop
2nd Al Shackleford
3rd Ron Doggett

1st Al Shackleford
2nd Bobby Williams
3rd Ron Doggett