Match Info


Match cost is $5 for Rifles and Pistol Match is FREE with Rifle Match. 

Pistols start at 9:00 and Rifles right after or around 10:00 and Hawk Throw. 

Basically any Muzzleloading Rifle or Pistol qualifies.

Shooting is offhand unless otherwise noted. 

We have different Matches each month with varying targets from steel to paper to a "Rendezvous" and even a Benchrest Match. 

We have a annual "Chili" Shoot (a chili lunch provided) in March, a "Turkey" Shoot (give a turkey to winner) in November, a "Ham" Shoot (give a ham to winner) in December.

 We shoot all year long just so the roads are not bad.

 I have a email list for those that want reminded of the upcoming match and any changes to the