Over the Log/Chunk Gun Rules



 5400–NUMBER OF SHOTS–The target is a white X on a black background with three shots fired for score. More than the required number of hits will be the same as Rule #10590

10590–EXCESSIVE HITS–If more than the required number of hits appear on the target, any shot that can be identified by the type of bullet hole as having been fired by some competitor not assigned to that target will not be scored. If there is no identifiable difference between the bullet holes, any bull having excessive hits will be awarded the value of the widest shot on that bull. A bull so scored having one 9 and one 10X will be scored a nine. A bull so scored having a 10 and a 10X will be scored a 10.

5410–CHUNK GUN RELAYS–The relays for this match will be 45 minutes in length, or as stated in the program.

5420–SIGHTS will be open fixed, as per rules #5010 and #5020

5010–OPEN FRONT SIGHT May be a blade, pin-head, post,
or barleycorn. The match program will state if it can
be shaded or not. A globe-style front sight with a post
or blade is considered an open front sight with a sun
5020–OPEN REAR SIGHT All open rear sights must be at
least six inches forward of the breech end of the barrel
or as placed by the commercial manufacturer. They
must have a U, V, or rectangular opening as wide at the
top as any part of the notch. A buckhorn sight is legal
provided the horns have a minimum of 1⁄4 inch opening
at the top. Sun shades may or may not be permitted, as
specified in the match program.
Fixed open rear sights may have no mechanical means
of adjusting the elevation or windage, and therefore
are non-adjustable in nature. The match program may
allow adjustable sights to be used if the ability to adjust
sight is disabled or not used. (Example; the use of wax
or tape to disable adjustment ability)
Adjustable rear open sights may have a mechanical
means of adjusting for elevation and windage.

5430–CHUNK GUN RIFLE The rifle may be either flint or percussion ignition, of either the traditional hunting or traditional target type, or as specified in the program, with no limit as to weight or caliber. The rifle may not be equipped with a false muzzle.

5440–SHOOTING POSITION–The match will be shot in the prone position with the muzzle of the rifle rested over the chunk. Kneeling or sitting behind the chunk is not allowed.

5450–TARGET SCORING–The match will be scored by string measure. From the center of the X to the center of each shot hole, shortest total string measure wins.

5460–CHUNK DESCRIPTION–The chunk may be any round, square, or rectangular block of wood that is of a size suitable to use. Small blocks of wood, padding , or sandbags may be used on top of the wood block to raise the muzzle.

5470–PAPER SPOTTERS–Will be made by the shooter and may be of any size, shape, or color. The spotters may be pinned, stapled, or taped to the target the way the competitor wishes.

 5480–GROUND COVER–The use of shooter-supplied ground covers to lie on is permitted.

5490–TARGET DISTANCE–The targets will be hung at a distance of 60 yards in front of the firing line.

5500–WIND FLAGS–Are allowed in chunk matches, as per Rule #2340

2340–WIND FLAGS–Wind flags are permitted, but may not be of any electronic nature. Flags or poles to which they are attached must not be of a size or placed to interfere with another shooter. Flags may be placed ahead of the firing line.

5510–SPOTTING SCOPES are allowed in chunk matches.

5520–COACHING–of a competitor is not allowed in chunk matches, in accordance with rule #5000

5000–COACHING IN RIFLE MATCHES–Coaching is defined as: reading of wind, changing of sights or suggesting sight changes, and indicating in any manner when to fire a shot. Loading of any firearm and placing a bench gun on the bench shall not be considered coaching. Coaching is allowed in all ladies’, juniors’, and sub-juniors’ matches. No coaching is authorized or allowed in any other matches unless specifically stated in the Match Program. The coach of a sub-junior may also assist by helping to hold the rifle butt; however the sub-junior competitor must sight the rifle and squeeze the trigger unassisted.